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Susan Hyatt’s Rich Coach Club

May 29, 2022

At some point, we’ve all had a Bucket List. The question is: Did you forget about it? How many things are you checking off that Bucket List?

In this special release podcast episode, I’m sharing my special bucket list framework to help you organize your list, clear the cobwebs out of your life, and make room to check off every single experience. 

I talk about why most women tuck their bucket list away for “someday,” why we often elevate everyone else’s needs over our own (especially during the summer), and how the invisible workload is blocking all of our summer sun & fun!

If you’re ready to say yes to YOU this summer, you will absolutely love this episode. Once you’re done listening, you’ll feel inspired and ready to start checking things off your bucket list, one by one. 


: Why bucket lists are so important, especially for women

: How to diversity your pleasure, profits, and passion goals

: The difference between “selfish” and “self-care”

: What keeps women from having a “summer of yes”

: How to create the bucket list of your dreams… and check things off!

If you’re ready to have the best summer of your life, sign up for my program, SUMMER OF YES. 9-weeks of summer fun to level up your life!

Head over to for all the details and registration. Have a summer full of joy, pleasure, adventure, and accomplishment. Let me show you how!