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Susan Hyatt’s Rich Coach Club

Jul 25, 2021

Have you ever done something for your life, or business, that someone called “weird?”

I’ve been called “weird” many, many times in my life.

And I can say with confidence that WEIRD... is what gets it done.

I stumbled upon this quote the other day that brought me such joy: “Being weird is like being called a...

Jul 18, 2021

Joy isn’t always the easy choice. As humans, we are wired to choose drama. Drama is a powerful drug, releasing endorphins and dopamine-meaning that you’ll feel an intoxicating pleasure high when indulging in it.

But when you choose JOY over DRAMA, incredible things happen.

You’ll experience emotional wealth. And...

Jul 11, 2021

Have you ever owned something completely luxurious- like a designer dress, a jaw-dropping pair of Jimmy Choos, or a diamond encrusted watch, and then…. Only wear it once?

There’s an insidious little thing going around that I call “special-occasion-itis.”

Those who suffer from special-occasion-itis believe that...

Jul 4, 2021

Do you want to do something but feel like it’s just not the “right time.

You’re not alone. 

Over the years, I’ve heard thousands of clients dish out the “right time” excuse when it comes to pursuing something they really want.

You can spend the rest of your life saying “it’s not the right time”-or you...