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Susan Hyatt’s Rich Coach Club

Jul 13, 2022

Hey Rich Coach Club! Your host Susan Hyatt here. 

As a Rich Coach Club listener, you love learning how to build your dream coaching business and significantly increase your income. You want pep talks, actionable tools, advice, and inspiring interviews to keep you inspired, focused & moving forward. 

That’s why you’re going to LOVE my new podcast - You’ve Got Nerve

As a coach, I know that there are plenty of things you want to get up the “nerve” to do. Things like writing a book, starting a podcast, pivoting your business, raising money for causes you care about, setting strong boundaries, speaking on stages, and so much more. 

In each episode of You’ve Got Nerve, you get to be a fly on the wall as I coach my guests to conquer their fears, upgrade their mindset, and get the “nerve” to go after whatever they want. 

If you’re a Coach, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Side Hustler, or Corporate Professional, and wish you had a mentor with 15+ years of experience helping you to move past your challenges and go after everything you crave, this show is for you!

My hope is that this podcast will inspire you to take immediate action on your own goals & dreams and get the “nerve” to do whatever it is YOU WANT. 

Ready? Head on over to and press play on episode 1!